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Meta Monday MurderCast

Sep 16, 2020

Thanks for subscribing to the Meta Monday Murdercast - this is The True Crime podcast that will be tracking down the Serial killer known as the Meta Monday Killer.  He or She kills True Crime Podcasters and only on Monday Mornings at 5 AM and does so with a Harry's razor in the most graphic and barbaric ways imaginable.  This show dares to take on the story that law enforcement and other podcasters have up to now ignored.


We will look into the murders of True Crime Podcasters from the podcast - Murder Made Me Famous, Untold - the Daniel Morgan Murder, Murder Book, Millionaire Murder, A Murder on Orchard Street and so many more.  All dead shows that ended with no explanation - that ended in a murder mystery that we are going to unravel.  



We will also look into the reported cover up from Wondery and Gimlet that fill some of these podcasts with episodes from their other shows in hopes we do not realize the hosts have been murdered. 


With Audio editing, transitions and background music that will let you know this podcast means serious business - even if we have to repeat the same facts over 3 different times in an episode.